Our Experience

The Rural Centre for Shared Education is a Fermanagh Trust initiative

The Rural Centre for Shared Education is a Fermanagh Trust initiative. The Trust has been involved in shared education since 2008, when it undertook extensive research into the potential for a pilot project on shared education in Fermanagh. The research led to a funded project, the ‘Femanagh Shared Education Programme’, which was awarded in excess of £2m over 5 years, from Atlantic Philanthropies and the International Fund for Ireland. It was successful in getting 58 primary and post-primary schools in the County, involved in shared education, with almost 5,000 pupils per annum participating in shared classes



We have a proven track record in the following areas:

  • Undertaking research & contributing to policy development in Shared Education
  • Shared Education project development & management
  • Operating as a grant making body for shared education
  • Lobbying and advocacy work in relation to shared education
  • Hosting shared education training, workshops, conferences and other events.
  • Organising study visits in Ireland, England and Scotland
  • Piloting a very successful shared teacher & teacher exchange programme
  • Supporting cross-border shared education projects
  • Supporting school communities in developing local shared education solutions / models



We have a developed a very extensive network of key stakeholders that have a role to play in shared education.  This includes departmental and government officials, political representatives, church leaders, academics, funders, community organisations and the business community